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Written by Hema Reddy / October 27th, 2016

In this episode, we talk neem oil, biology, and international business with the founder of Terramera.

Their products can increase crop yields over conventional and current organic pesticides, bee health and public health applications  by harnessing the power of natural plant defenses and innovative chemistry.

Checkout their PROOF® Spray at Walmart and Target.

This is important stuff: Karn Manhas recently traveled to Washington to talk with the Obama’s about it! And have you ever had bedbugs?

Karn has a background in Biology and Law. He is incredibly bright and charismatic. So it is no surprise that his company is thriving. We dig into all sorts of cool stuff:

  • All about the Neem tree
  • What Terramerra is at its heart
  • Explaining their technology in layman’s terms
  • The problem with many of today’s bio-pesticides
  • How to ensure integrity in organic farming
  • Tips on doing effective work with government entities
  • Resources for receiving government aid
  • What it is like to do business in India
  • Future of organic certification
  • How to incentivize companies to work with Terramera