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Kiss The Ground Regenerative Agriculture

Annie Martin is an activist, writer, scientist, and marketing manager dedicated to environmental issues related to food, water, and agriculture. Her passions have led her around the world researching child malnutrition, the consequences of industrial farming, and successful soil remediation techniques. Today, Annie is working with consumers, suppliers, and purchasers to drive demand for regenerative products, transition farms to regenerative agriculture, and inspire brands to invest in regenerative supply lines.

Show notes:
5:00 – Overview of Kiss The Ground as an organization
7:30 – What damage have we done via farming practices and food waste
10:00 – What is regenerative agriculture
17:00 – How can small businesses identify regen ag based supply chain
19:50 – How can consumers get aware of composting and make a huge impact on the greenhouse gas emissions
21:08 – Vermiculture and how it can make your compost “stink-free”, making it smell like fresh earth!
27: 40 – General Mills, Patagonia, and other major brands taking a stand on regen-ag farming

Useful links

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Regenerative Organic Certification:
Annie‘s Regenerative Commitments:

Written by Hema Reddy / September 4th, 2018