"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"

Written by Matt Aaron / April 27th, 2017

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Tobias Peggs understands how to pivot; how to evolve. He has primarily operated in venture-backed tech startup environments (twice as CEO w/exits to Walmart and Adobe).

He has led companies across various domains including mobile, search, social, e-commerce, ad-tech and speech recognition.

Now, with Kimbal Musk, he is spearheading Square Roots Urban Growers – a farming accelerator based out of Brooklyn. Think of a 2 acre farm inside a 40′ shipping container.

Tobias imparts wisdom on how to have a fulfilling career, urban growing and more:

  • Understanding real food
  • Working alongside Kimbal Musk
  • What he has learned about leadership
  • Why the accelerator model is so powerful
  • Keys to being an effective CEO
  • Tobias’s process for changing career/industry
  • The creative-active phase
  • How to get involved with Urban Roots accelerator
  • Advice to those who are starting out in food