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Written by Hema Reddy / September 8th, 2016

After the tour, I started meeting with him regularly to do Harley trips, and over a bottle of whiskey we both talked about doing something together, starting a business … Let’s make a coffee machine that’s connected, that uses your patent.

If you’re into coffee, you may own a variety of equipment: grinder, coffee dripper, french press, an expresso machine .. what if it could all be replaced by one, smart machine?

Roderick de Rode is making it a reality with his Spinn machine. (Check out the video)

He got his first investment at Rockefeller Plaza; an investment banker there gave him $25K.

In the past, Roderick has successfully built and managed $100M+ businesses in hardware, software and online services.

We talk about the machine, entrepreneurship, and, of course, the second most traded commodity in the world, coffee:

  • How they evolved the idea from a patent into a soon to be retail machine
  • The downside to Keurig machines
  • The second and third wave of coffee
  • Why the machine will sync with local coffee roasters
  • The upcoming crowdfunding campaign
  • Why hardware is .. hard
  • A brilliant gamification strategy for their audience (take notes)
  • The invaluable learnings from their hardware advisory team
  • Looking back what he would have done differently
  • Roderick’s advice for food startups