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Written by Hema Reddy / August 18th, 2016

In today’s interview we talk about the paradox of choice and the power of data.

As Sam Slover mentioned in the interview: “If you think of a grocery store with a huge aisle of 60+ yogurts to choose from, but each of those yogurts has a slightly different (nutritional) profile”, how do you choose the healthiest yogurt to eat?

Sam’s company, the Sage Project, is working to make in-store recommendations based on your dietary needs and help to decipher product transparency to the end consumer. Food product labels have it’s limitations. Think of a “smart wikipedia for food data”.

What do “all-natural” and “made in small batches” mean in terms of nutrition and the preparation of a food product?

They are working with a number of retailers in Whole Foods to bring the project to reality. Listen and learn how a data-driven company is on the path to transform our shopping experience:

  • Personalized nutrition – why it matters
  • Sam’s personal journey and how the idea for Sage came about
  • How self-tracking has had a positive impact in Sam’s life (see Wrap Genius)
  • The positive benefits of personal tracking
  • How we can get started on data tracking
  • Why transparency and nutrition can be overwhelming at a grocery store
  • Buzz words and the confusion of customers
  • Ways for food startups to get involved
  • Empower consumers to be healthier

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