Incredible journeys that shape the present & future of food & beverage industry

Written by Hema Reddy / March 9th, 2017

Scott Jensen is Co-Founder and CEO of Rhythm Superfoods, a manufacturer of organic plant-based superfoods snacks. I am snacking on their delicous broccoli bites as we speak!

He is the former CEO & President of One World Foods (Stubb’s Bar-B-Q), which he co-founded 20+ years ago with C.B. Stubblefield and two close friends.

One World Foods was successfully sold to McCormick & Co. in 2015. Scott led Stubb’s in its national and international expansion to be the largest SuperPremium Bar-B-Q and Marinade brand in the country.

Scott is personable, intelligent, and happy to impart his wisdom from his many years of success in the food industry. From marinades to superfood snacks:

  • The Stubbs BBQ story
  • How they came across the Kale chips idea
  • Working with co-founder Clayton Christopher (of Sweet Leaf Tea and Deep Eddy Vodka)
  • Why did Kale become popular? (19:30)
  • Moving production facilities 3x
  • Handling demand spikes in the Kale dehydrating niche business
  • Becoming a produce buyer
  • Sourcing and supply chain tips
  • Benefits of working with General Mills – 301 INC.


Note: Stubb’s BBQ photo courtesy of HuffingtonPost.