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Written by Hema Reddy / May 26th, 2016

Ryan Wiltse was working as a CPA. Common to many guests on the show, along with his cofounder, he realized that they wanted more than the status quo; a higher calling than the “cubicle finance life”.

So they founded a healthy snack food company based out of Brooklyn, NY. Their first product is named ProTings, a vegetable snack with 15 grams of protein per serving. Ryan explains the “why” behind the product, the problem they solve and how they are growing the company:

  • Marketing at fitness and bodybuilding events
  • On nutrition label panels and balancing taste, ethics, and health
  • Distribution strategies for the company (You can find it at Wegmans!)
  • Usability advantages of their snack
  • The transition from full time job to startup mode
  • Making it work financially as a startup in NYC
  • Why Qwest nutrition has had phenomenal success
  • The Food X Cohort – how it helped the company
  • Raising capital and the future
  • Advantages of a finance/accounting background in running a food startup

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