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Written by Hema Reddy / May 12th, 2016

Hey FSP Community. The last 10 guests have a common theme. They solved either their own problem or a problem they saw in the world. I share my thoughts on each. This is a great refresher episode and a way to start exploring the last 10 guests. Have a listen!

Selected Links in This Episode:

Episode 92 – On Becoming a Rockstar Social Entrepreneur – Lisa of Kuli Kuli

Episode 91 – Breaking the Rules to Better a Supply Chain – Karl of Direct Origin/Swillings Coffee

Episode 90 – “Will you help me bring this fruit to the US?” – Linh and Myron of XOI Company

Episode 89 – Building a Community in NYC – Ashly of Barley + Oats

Episode 88 – How to Crush Kickstarter & Business – Lisa Q. of NOMIKU

Episode 87 – American Hemp, Activism, and Life on the Bourbon Trail – Chad Rosen of Hemp Foods America

Episode 86 – Natural Prophets, Whole Foods and Advice for Millennial Food Entrepreneurs

Episode 85 – How to Build a Brand Using Art, Values, and Experience Design – Jody Levy of WTRMLN WTR

Episode 84 – How to Create Impactful Editorial Content – Jeffrey of The New Food Economy

Episode 83 – Making Shrimp Great Again – New Wave Foods

Episode 82 – Jess Jackson, California Wine, and Laws of Power