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Written by Hema Reddy / December 1st, 2016

I attribute my success to my numerous beloved mentors and getting up early in the morning to play and work harder.

Nicolas Warren is relied upon for action, leadership, strategy, sales, energy, and smiles. Learning, competition, and positivity are driving forces in his life.

He has significant experience in several capacities across multiple industries including tourism, food /hospitality, computer/software tech, marketing, and advertising.

Nicolas recently sold his dark chocolate energy bar company, Perfect Fuel. We reflect on his 6 year journey. How did Nicolas get to where he is today?

  • Thoughts on nutrition
  • How to find and utilize mentors
  • Why were they acquired by America’s #1 meatball company?
  • What he would have done differently
  • Why Perfect Fuel was attractive to be acquired
  • Cross-merchandising and shelf displays
  • Making your product into a platform
  • Advice for creating a brand new concept
  • The importance of customer feedback
  • Analysis of another great brand: Perfect Bar
  • “Don’t bootstrap your business.”
  • “Get the opinion of 50 people.”
  • How does it feel to sell your company?
  • Nicolas’s next adventure
  • The way he likes to learn

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Recommended Nutrition Info (With comments by Nicolas)

Gretchen Reynolds – “NYT Columnist and prolific writer. I love everything she covers.”
Understanding Nutrition –  “I have a copy of this academic text and reference it frequently. As I mentioned, nutrition is not as subjective as people think. Science usually wins.”

PubMed – “The best way to get right to the source of scientific studies to read the real conclusions behind every trend and generalization you hear.

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