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Written by Hema Reddy / January 21st, 2016

They showed up to ExpoWest 2012 with an idea: transparent ingredient tracing using proprietary software and creative film production. Today, they are nationwide in US stores with their collection of cereals, breads, flowers, and seeds.

Danny Houghton is the cofounder of One Degree Organics.The leads ingredient expeditions around the world in search of pure veganic harvests. Every ingredient comes with a video (see below) where you meet the farmers and learn how it is made.

I really enjoyed learning about One Degree, the veganic movement, and their unique business model: technology, media, and sustainable food. Danny sheds light on:

  • What is veganic?
  • The “why” of One Degree Organics
  • Leading world expeditions – fun sourcing stories
  • The gluten misconception ancient vs modern wheat
  • Organic’s “dirty little secret”
  • Keys to success in a competitive space

“We only want to tell stories about ingredients we’re proud to tell stories about.” – Danny Houghton

My 5 6 favorite One Degree Organic videos:
Sumatran Treasure – Veganic Cinnamon
On Colorado’s High Plains – Organic Oats and Millet
Nutmeg and Mace – Discovering Siau Island
Peace and Purity – Missouri’s Organic Pecans
Alquimia Farmers – Paraguay
Indonesian Safari – Veganic Vanilla + Cloves