Incredible journeys that shape the present & future of food & beverage industry

Written by Hema Reddy / April 7th, 2016

NOMIKU was born from two successful Kickstarter campaigns that totaled over $1.3 million and have thousands of units in homes and restaurants around the world.

Lisa Q. Fetterman, the co-founder and CEO, is equally gifted and inspiring.

She launched the first home sous vide immersion circulator machine on the market. Yes, you’ve tried sous vide cooked food even if your not familiar with the term. I wasn’t. Michelin star restaurants, Chipotle; they all use this cooking method.

Lisa has been featured in Wired, Make, CNET and Forbes, and was named on both Forbes and Zagat Survey’s 30 Under 30 lists for her pioneering work in the food space.

Her book Sous Vide at Home is available on preorder from Amazon now. On top of all that, Lisa is a YCombinator graduate, where she worked on the app Tender.  Lisa takes us to school:

  • How to put on a successful Kickstarter
  • On moving to China to produce their product
  • “Every night I met 5 new people for real
  • Makerspace/Hackerspace – where the gadget was born
  • “What humans yearn for is truth and what tastes good. And the old way of food doesn’t do that, because you don’t have control.”
  • Participating in YCombinator
  • Writing a best-selling book
  • Creating the Tender app