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Written by Hema Reddy / December 29th, 2016

Turning the tables to end the year, this time I am the one who is interviewed.

Laura Coe, of The Art of Authenticity podcast, and I talk about Money, Pressure, and Passion.

Copying the show notes from Laura’s episode page here:

  • Matt’s background and what inspired him to become an entrepreneur [4:20]
  • The background on his podcast, The Food Startups Podcast [7:50]
  • How the reception has been to his podcast [10:17]
  • Why he wanted to talk about money, pressure, and passion [11:45]
  • Dispelling myths about passion [14:40]
  • How to balance money vs. passion [17:01]
  • Balancing the pressure of business with life [19:02]
  • The power of journaling and digital detoxes [25:33]
  • Balancing your current business success with your future goals [27:10]
  • How Matt defines authenticity [30:30]
  • His big turning point moments [32:02]
  • The last time he was almost inauthentic and caught himself [34:18]
  • Matt’s daily practices [37:24]