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Written by Hema Reddy / April 23rd, 2015

Colombia was one of the last countries in the western hemisphere to have McDonald’s. In the 1990’s, it was a very dangerous country. Leftist guerrillas, terrorism, narcos, and a business climate with more bureaucracy and red tape than any US citizen could imagine.

While McDonald’s unsuccessfully tried a few years before, Pedro Medina made it happen. And he almost lost his life doing it. McDonald’s is still a thriving franchise in Colombia today.  We hear the full story:

  • How he convinced McDonald’s to grant him the right to launch in Colombia
  • Biggest challenges they faced opening 10 locations in the first year
  • Why McDonald’s could be considered to be a real estate business
  • Hindsight: what they would have done differently
  • How Pedro and his foundation are changing the perception of Colombia (check out his Ted Talk)

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