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Written by Hema Reddy / December 10th, 2015

Martin Mignot is a Venture Capitalist @ IndexVentures. A large VC firm out of London, their investments include DropBox and Skype, tools we use to make the Food Startups Podcast.

Martin is actively looking after Index’s investments in Algolia, Blablacar, Capitaine Train,Drivy, Rad, Swiftkey, TheFamily and Deliveroo: an on-demand food delivery startup who just raised 100 million. The food delivery space is hot: over 1,000,000,000 USD was invested in 2014 alone.

We talk about his theses and predictions for the exploding sector from his article: The Billion Dollar Food Delivery Wars (TechCrunch). Make sure to check it out before listening.

Note: We had a few sound quality issues on the episode. But for the insights from Martin, it was worth editing it the best we could and putting it live!

Martin and I discuss:

  • Software vs On-Demand vs Meal-Delivery Startups
  • Uber’s effect on food delivery logistics
  • What makes a great VC
  • Defining “fast food 2.0”
  • Why “managed marketplaces are the superior model for consumers.”
  • Opportunities for chefs to join an on-demand network
  • Meal delivery startups are essentially 3 different companies
  • Prediction: “virtual” restaurant chains
  • Robots and drones