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Written by Hema Reddy / October 20th, 2016

Marlo Giudice landed in San Francisco by way of New York City and years of work in relationship management at digital marketing & Ad Tech companies.

Once relocating, she quickly realized that her passion actually lay in baking and enrolled in a professional pastry education program.

Today, she has expanded that recipe and Marlo’s offers five flavors of the contemporary twist on traditional biscotti across 10 SKUs.

We had a great time talking about biscotti, the ups and downs of being entrepreneur, and food business strategy:

  • Turning a family recipe into a business
  • What motivated her to start her own food brand
  • How Marlo transitioned from a digital marketing job to starting a bake shop
  • Soft-baked biscotti
  • The high’s and low’s of entrepreneurship
  • On selling online and importance to the brand
  • Amazon Fresh and Amazon Payments
  • Coffee shop distribution
  • Alternative channels to grocery