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Written by Hema Reddy / October 6th, 2016

“I’ve made a lot of people wealthy, but what about me? What do l love to do?”

Susan MacTavish Best creates interesting and engaging salons that have brought together some of the most creative minds of this century, from Tim Ferriss to Michael Pollan to food companies like Hampton Creek. The salons cover topics ranging from LSD to the future of death, and more.

Susan also has an all-encompassing lifestyle brand, Living MacTavish. It is not unlike Martha Stewart, but well, more accessible. And not a perfectionist. Martha Stewart meets the Royal Tennenbaums.

The art of casually bringing together our friends has been lost in this era of texting, social gaming, tweeting, IM’ing, and frenetic scheduling.

Understand: strategically executed events, dinners, and salons can be used to make contacts, promote your food brand, and get deals done. Add this to your skill set. We cover a wide array of topics in a fun interview:

  • How she “cold-emailed” Michael Pollan and got him to show up at a salon
  • Tips on putting together a guest list
  • Getting over the fear of attending a party alone
  • How to get people to show up to your event
  • Social dynamics party tips
  • Making a lasting, favorable impression
  • How to foster introductions at a busy event or party
  • Embracing imperfection
  • Why Susan started Living MacTavish
  • A common characteristic among elite performers like Tim Ferriss and Chris Sacca
  • How to fit in when not drinking
  • Using wigs and masks for events
  • How to choose a topic for a salon
  • How to create the right “vibe” for an event
  • Why the back of a bar or restaurant is not the ideal location