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Written by Hema Reddy / June 8th, 2017

Jeremy Smith is back. If you haven’t heard the first interview, listen here.

There is trouble brewing in the food broker space. Whole Foods sales are down. The market has changed dramatically.

Based on listener response to the first episode and Jeremy’s intuition, we continued the conversation on Costco, brokers, and how to adapt to the evolving food space:

  • Costco pitches: phone vs in-person. Can you do it on the phone?
  • Question: “Does a founder have to live the messaging of the brand before he/she communicates it to the consumer?”
  • Hershey’s and Nestle are not driving the categories anymore ..
  • Thoughts on Whole Foods “decline” ..
  • The types of brands that Jeremy follows
  • Why the food brokerage business is broken. The challenge, how is it impacting companies?
  • Your broker is not doing a good job it could be you.
  • Can you be a food broker?
  • Should you sell directly to Costco or use a broker.
  • Why do some buyers say you should work directly with them and not use brokers?
  • What are Costco Buyers like?
  • Why brands fail at Costco?
  • “Flavor Fatigue”
  • Channel protectors should not sell to Costco.
  • Is there a right time for a brand to go to Costco?
  • Raising money: How Circle Up has evolved