Incredible journeys that shape the present & future of food & beverage industry

Written by Hema Reddy / April 13th, 2017

Jeremy Smith is fed up with the food brokerage industry. There are a shortage of great food brokers. And grocery buyers have noticed. That’s why he is back in the game.

He previously sold his food brokerage, Level One, and is back with an innovative Food Brokerage and Consultancy: LaunchPad.

Over his career in food, design and advertising, Jeremy has worked with iconic brands.

Think Chobani, Apple, 5-Hour Energy, popchips, EVOL Foods, Promax, Pure Foods, Krave Jerky and Bob’s Red Mill.

His relationships with buyers and marketers, strategists and designers presents enviable connections in the food industry. Jeremy sheds all kind of golden advice:

  • How to sell to Costco
  • Becoming multi-talented – design, advertising, copywriting, business strategy, etc.
  • What he learned from Steve Jobs
  • On selling his brokerage to Advantage Sales and Marketing
  • The lack of great food brokers in 2017
  • Questions that you should ask a food broker
  • What makes Chobani special?
  • The “Secret Sauce” of Chobani
  • Helping Chobani thrive at Costco
  • How much does a food broker charge a food brand?
  • Why founders shouldn’t stay on after an acquisition
  • “Im scared of losing Whole Foods business if I go to Costco”
  • Various Costco tips and insights (pack size, behavior etc.)
  • Some emerging food brands to look out for