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Written by Hema Reddy / January 14th, 2016

For our first episode of 2016, we revisit the wisdom and experience our last 10 guests. I listened to each episode again and chose one key lesson.

FSP faithful, here is some analysis from some of our top episodes. New to the show? If you hear a lesson or guest that interests you, check out their full episode in the links below!

Episode 75 – The Unscalable Dirty Work for Success – Charlie Guo

Episode 74 – Inside the Billion Dollar Food Delivery Wars – Martin Mignot

Episode 73 – Fear No Fruit – THE Specialty Produce Champs – Karen Caplan of Frieda’s

Episode 72 – Transforming the Online Recipe Space: Yuni of Chicory

Episode 71 – 10X Thinking via Democratization and Disruption – Bluecart

Episode 70 – 6 Strategies to Become a More Effective (Food) Entrepreneur

Episode 69 – Michelin Guide in Less than a Year – Melanie Moss of Mini Melanie

Episode 68 – Jim Rogers: Skip the MBA and Start a Farm

Episode 67 – The Maple Syrup Whiz Kid – Josh of Parker Maple

Episode 66 – Life Lessons from Bob of Bob’s Red Mill