Incredible journeys that shape the present & future of food & beverage industry

Written by Hema Reddy / May 5th, 2016

Roughly six years ago, Lisa was in the Peace Corps in a remote village of Niger. Eating a limited vegetarian diet, she was feeling malnourished. On discovering the superfood moringa, she solved her “sluggish energy” problem. And she decided to use moringa as a vehicle to solve problems for others.

Fast forward to today, her company Kuli Kuli foods is a thriving business making a positive social impact in West Africa and Haiti.

Before Kuli Kuli, Lisa wrote political briefings for President Obama in the White House, served as a United Nations Environment Programme Youth Advisor and worked at an impact investment firm in India. Lisa shares her story:

  • On a life of service and becoming a social entrepreneur
  • Why she mentors young women entrepreneurs
  • Social impact in the non-profit sectior vs “business”
  • Life in Niger
  • Limitations of the non-profit sector
  • Creating a product together with Whole Foods
  • Turning Moringa into reality
  • The quality control of unknown superfoods in the US market
  • Obstacles she has had to overcome

Photo Credit: Kuli Kuli Foods (link)