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Written by Hema Reddy / October 13th, 2016

“Any time more than two people mention something, you know that it is something to consider.”

Corey Hill is the founder and CEO of Indie Food Hub, a resource providing services to small and medium sized food businesses. He is driven to change the food system for the better, creating greater access for independent producers.

Indie Food Hub is in the bay area and recently launched Vittle Bus to help food startups with one of the two most difficult problems: delivery logistics.

The other is money, which will also be discussed in detail. Corey is passionate about helping people like you, the listener:

  • What is the purpose of Indie Food Hub?
  • How do you consolidate the wide array of resources for food entrepreneurs?
  • How do I interact with IFH as a small food biz entrepreneur?
  • Corey’s favorite food startup resources
  • Water rights, The Big Short, and the precarious future
  • Ideas on how to raise funds for your food business
  • Vittle Bus – one of the brands under the IFH umbrella
  • Stories from a childhood in Germany
  • His experience as a freelance journalist
  • Human frights, fracking, and the issues he is passionate about
  • Corey’s favorite novels