Incredible journeys that shape the present & future of food & beverage industry

Written by Hema Reddy / March 23rd, 2017

He founded GoodPop on a ramen noodle budget in 2009 and hasn’t accepted investments since. College student at the time, Daniel couldn’t find an all-natural popsicle, snow cone or frozen treat to beat the Texas heat.

Daniel Goetz decided to quit his advertising internship to launch GoodPop with his first retailer, Whole Foods. GoodPop has since seen triple digit growth every year, revenue in the millions and recently received a loan from Whole Foods.

Now, at the age of 30, Daniel has transformed GoodPop from its humble beginnings as a popular, local Austin brand to a nationally-recognized leader in the natural frozen novelty category.

Daniel radiates positive energy and perseverance. Learn about:

  • His initial market research when GoodPop a dorm room startup
  • The long-term goal of the company
  • Creating customer experience
  • On staying self-funded without investment
  • How did you get a loan from Whole Foods?
  • Moments of struggle/perseverance
  • What makes GoodPop successful?
  • Saying “no” to retail opportunities
  • How do you manage hiring/growth?
  • Working with seasonality and different regions of the United States
  • Channeling nostalgia and improving access to food