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Written by Hema Reddy / December 3rd, 2015

In 1962, Frieda Caplan introduced an exotic fruit to the United States, which she named the Kiwi. Fast forward to 2013, 62 million pounds of kiwi were sold! In the 50+ years since, Frieda’s has played a part in introducing more than 200 specialty fruits and vegetables.

A documentary about the company, Fear No Fruit, was recently released telling their amazing story. I speak with her daughter, Karen Caplan who has been the CEO since 1986. Tons to learn here:

  • How the documentary came about
  • Karen’s tips on how to introduce a new product to the U.S. Market
  • On the California drought and resilience
  • How to separate family from business
  • Why farmers are trending away from grocery stores
  • On effective management and creating a culture
  • “Specialty isn’t a big % of business at a grocery store, but perception of the consumer ” sets the tone and energy for the store!!”
  • Transparency and competition

Watch The Trailer Below:

Fear No Fruit – Trailer #1 from Fear No Fruit on Vimeo.