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Written by Hema Reddy / March 27th, 2014

We get another taste of the exciting world of coffee today as we had the pleasure to interview Robert W. Thurston, co-author and editor of Coffee: A Comprehensive Guide to the Bean, the Beverage, and the Industry.

He also owns Oxford Coffee, a coffee roaster/retailer in Oxford, Ohio. 

Some things we discuss:

  • How specialty coffee can follow the trend of wine: “Even when the price of average-quality wine has decreased, the fine wine market has remained strong.”
  • How global warming affects the future of the two main types of coffee beans: Arabica and Robusta.
  • What Robert looks for when visiting a coffee farm.
  • Opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to enter the coffee business in 2014.
  • The importance of quality, transparency, and telling stories.

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