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Written by Hema Reddy / November 24th, 2019

Jessica Levison is the founder and CEO of Peekaboo Ice Cream. In her search to get veggies into her three toddlers, this lawyer turned Ice Cream Confectionist started infusing vegetables in ice cream and ended up starting a successful ice cream brand called Peekaboo Ice Cream. In this episode, Jessica talks about how she used her artisanal ice cream stores in Surfside and Wynwood to launch Peekaboo Ice Cream and how she managed to get the funding and exposure that brought Peekaboo Ice Cream to 1300 stores in just 8 months.

**Here are some show notes**

– 01:27 – An intro to Jessica Levison, Founder & CEO
– 04:20 – The jump from lawyer to creamery
– 05:25 – using your customer base to focus test flavors
– 06:56 – Brick and mortar vs packaged foods
– 07:48 – Ice cream indulgence with a hit of vitamins and minerals
– 10:36 – 0 to 1300 stores in just 8 months!
– 17:13 – Fundraising and investors. When Is the right time?
– 22:25 – Casting a wide net when looking for investors.

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