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Written by Hema Reddy / March 13th, 2014

We interview Daniel Velasquez, who brings his family’s coffee from Colombia and sells it in the United States.

Daniel shares his story with us. As you will learn, selling specialty coffee in the U.S. is all about telling a story.

NOTE: A slight error in the intro. Daniel’s Grandfather fell in love with the farmer’s daughter and had 16 kids with her…. not his wife. 🙂

Where to buy Campesino:

High Grounds Roaster Baltimore, MD

Vigilante Coffee Washington DC

Qualia Coffee Washington DC

Caffe Amouri Vienna, VA

Corcoran Vineyard VA

About Campesino Specialty Coffee:
Campesino Specialty Coffee is a grass-roots start-up bringing Specialty Coffee beans directly from our family farms in Colombia – No brokers, No intermediaries, No fluff, just farm-direct, specialty coffee. The coffee is shipped over directly from the coffee farms to Campesino’s small roasting facility in Northern Virginia, where it is carefully roasted, bringing out its amazing characteristics.

Fewer hands in between means increased return for the hard working campesinos (farmers), pickers, and their families, forming an authentic Fair-Trade operation. We roast our high quality beans within days of your order, ensuring a fresh and delicious cup every brew.