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Written by Hema Reddy / December 22nd, 2016

Dear listeners,

You know me from my podcast. I’ve spoken to over 100 experts and I always try to get advice. Ask questions that we can learn from. You know this.

But did you know that I am in the food business as well?

Where do I want to go with my business. Today I am going to share more about me. What I do, mistakes I made in 2016, things that went well, plans for 2017.

From these reflection combined with learnings from the many founders I spoke with this year, I’ll go in depth on Peter Drucker’s feedback analysis method. Then, I’ll teach you how to apply this to your professional and personal life.

We discuss:

  • My food startup
  • Why I am sharing this information publicly
  • The importance of applying probability theory to your business
  • Top learnings from 2016
  • Relationship building and venture capital
  • Our strategy to grow in 2017
  • Feedback analysis and it’s short, medium and long-term benefits
  • My foray into journalism
  • Always be storytelling!!
  • Exciting plans for the podcast going forward

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