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Written by Hema Reddy / June 9th, 2016

Pietro Guerrera and Filippo Lubrano reached breakeven in 2015 with their European venture. But they are thinking BIG. They recently launched in the U.S. with a new subscription box business model.

Eattiamo brings exclusive, gourmet Italian products to your doorstep. On the outside, the products are fantastic and the design is beautiful.

On the inside, like most startups, they are putting in serious WORK. Sourcing, importing, storage, logistics, marketing and sampling .. the hustle is on. Starting from scratch in a new country is not easy. Get the inside scoop:

  • Why they expanded to the U.S.
  • Life and business in New York
  • Communicating the value and telling the story of their food
  • Utilizing the international experience and diverse skill set of the founders
  • Italian Food vs “Italian American Food”
  • How they plan to gain subscribers