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Written by Hema Reddy / March 28th, 2018

Hema built a community targeted towards parents and busy individuals that look for smart, quick, and tasty food options.

What makes her approach unique is that she developed a website with recipes, videos, and helped built a community before launching her first CPG food product.

Hema Reddy is the Founder & CEO of Crafty Counter, an innovative packaged food products company, and their first product line is available in the market today, and they called Wundernuggets.

She is also the Founder & CEO of Epicurate Media – a digital marketing firm that is hyper-focused on helping food & beverage brands achieve their growth targets via carefully designed marketing blueprints & processes.

Prior to her entrepreneurial ventures, she was Program Director for Worldwide Systems Marketing at IBM Corporation.

Hema is a public speaker, and has been featured on several TV & media outlets.

Sneaky Apron (Note, Hema is rebranding from Sneaky Apron to Crafty Counter)


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