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Written by Hema Reddy / March 30th, 2017

When David Woodburn was asked to be the CEO of Blue Prarie, he didn’t know what chicory was. Now, he is leading the charge developing prebiotic, chicory-based ingredients that help maintain a healthy gut environment for beneficial bacteria while replacing fast-digesting starches.

David is pleased to announce that Blue Prarie has completed a $6 million Series A Investment round.

While the nutrition space highlights probiotics, prebiotics should arguably be the #1 focus. Learn about prebiotic nutrition, chicory, and an awesome biotech company:

  • Chicory definition and history
  • Prebiotics vs probiotics
  • Inulin and soluble fiber
  • Understanding the giant market opportunity
  • B2B relationship building
  • The biggest challenges/opportunities of their business model
  • What they are looking for in a VP of Sales + Marketing