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Written by Hema Reddy / January 28th, 2016

“I was doing entertainment P.R. in Hollywood — you know, celebrities and calls at 2 a.m. — and was, what should I say? Burnt out,”  (New York Times) .. That was 5 years ago.

Today, she runs Cherryvale Farms, currently in 1400 stores with their “Everything But The…” baking mixes. Lindsey Rosenberg and I had a fun chat about her story and she dishes out advice for you, the listeners:

  • What makes their baking mixes unique. Why they are the modern-day Betty Crocker
  • How she transitioned her career from Hollywood PR to a successful food startup
  • “Don’t spend any money”
  • Advice for becoming (or not becoming) a Whole Foods national brand
  • How to pitch grocery buyers
  • On bootstrapping
  • Working with Dad
  • The D.I.Y. spirit (note from Matt: I have seen this characteristic in among many guests)
  • Why Cherryvale doesn’t focus on trends