Incredible journeys that shape the present & future of food & beverage industry

Episode 129 – Bogotá to Eugene, Solo to Co-Founder, Crafting Beer – Doug of Alesong

Douglas Coombs decided it was time for a change. He left a tech startup in a South American city of 9 million people and moved to a small college town in Oregon to start a brewery. Why and how did he do it? We have a fun conversation about his journey and current venture: Alesong […]

Episode 127 – Growth, Awareness, Inc. 500 – Courtney of SmartyPants Vitamins

It started off as an side business. Now it is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. Courtney Nichols Gould had to evolve as a person and leader in order to make SmartyPants Vitamins a successful AND healthy company. They have disrupted the vitamin industry. The company’s products are top ranked […]

Episode 126 – Advice from a Franchise Extraordinaire – Greg Sausaman of Topper’s Creamery

“And I asked him: Why are you doing this? Your grandchildren won’t have to work..” -Greg to his co-founder Wade who owns more than 50 Papa John’s pizza franchises. Greg Sausaman has worked in food since the 1980’s. By the time he was 30 years old, he owned eight Domino’s pizza locations. Then he transitioned to […]

Episode 122 – Local Empowerment + Alternative Sales Channels – Kim of Cureate

You don’t HAVE to follow the cookie-cutter retail sales model. An entrepreneur can feel powerless when they are 100% dependent on one or two large grocery buyers for the success of their food startup. Hotels, catering, and local cafes are a few examples of local businesses that may be interested in carrying your brand. But they need […]

Episode 121 – Perfect Fuel, Perfect Mentors, Perfect Acquisition – Nicolas Warren

“I attribute my success to my numerous beloved mentors and getting up early in the morning to play and work harder.” Nicolas Warren is relied upon for action, leadership, strategy, sales, energy, and smiles. Learning, competition, and positivity are driving forces in his life. He has significant experience in several capacities across multiple industries including […]

Episode 118 – Do You Need a Food Broker? Andrew of YINYANG NATURALS

Andrew Chae worked in his family’s food manufacturing business since his teenage years. In 2004, he oversaw the organic certification of two production facilities, and built a new Asian organic brand, Ohana House, from the ground up. Ohana House went national with distribution into all Whole Foods and other major natural chains. Andrew also oversaw […]

Episode 112 – Start a Food Brand Your Way – Ryan Florio of Inca Tea

“Buy the ticket, take the ride.”  -Hunter S. Thompson He took an adventure against doctor’s orders and it changed his life. Back to another Ohio startup (what up LeBron!), Inca Tea does not disappoint. As you’ll learn today, Ryan Florio is a contrarian thinker. He does not take things at face value, which gives him […]

Episode 108 – 80 farms, 6000+ stores in 7 Years – Tim of Maple Hill Creamery

Tim Joseph had no farming experience. He had never even milked a cow. In 2004, he received a fast education when sixty-four cows stepped off the trailers onto his land. Thrown into the fire, Tim and his wife Laura started selling milk while Tim worked a full-time corporate job from home. In 2009, they went “all […]

Episode 107 – Entrepreneur, Innovator, + Farmer – Tim of Shenandoah Growers

Tim Heydon started at Shenandoah Growers via an unusual route: along with a few classmates, he wrote a case study on the company while doing his MBA nearby at James Madison University. This was 1998. Tim joined the company as CEO and has grown Shenandoah into 350 employees across 300,000 square feet of growing/packing facilities in […]

Episode 101 – How to Survive (and Thrive) with Purpose – Seth of Honest Tea

Seth Goldman co-founded Honest® Tea in 1998 with Professor Barry Nalebuff of the Yale School of Management. They were acquired in 2011 are now a $160 million division of Coca-Cola. Honest Tea is the nation’s top selling ready-to-drink organic bottled tea and Honest Kids® is the nation’s top-selling organic children/youth beverage. The brands are carried in […]

Episode 95 – NYC Startup Life and The Protein Hustle – Ryan of Protes

Ryan Wiltse was working as a CPA. Common to many guests on the show, along with his cofounder, he realized that they wanted more than the status quo; a higher calling than the “cubicle finance life”. So they founded a healthy snack food company based out of Brooklyn, NY. Their first product is named ProTings, a […]

Episode 94 – Changing the Menu Game – Jeff Hong of Bite

“We’ve noticed that most restaurants don’t put much effort into their menus, which is their most important tool for selling their food.” Bite was founded in 2015 by two friends who set out to transform the way restaurants sell to their guest experience. They offer restaurants digital menus that can be easily updated, are more […]

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