"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"

Episode 144 – A Lesson on Biz Dev and Consumer Behavior – Andy of Basket Savings

In the space Andy Ellwood plays in, every few years you need to be prepared to start over. On his dynamic career “path”, Andy has become a high-performer in business development with a track record to back it up. He helped Gowalla through its acquisition by Facebook in 2011, Waze through to its acquisition by […]

Episode 142 – Raw Sugar, Strategy + Serendipity – Robbie of Just Panela

Robbie thought he was going to be a diplomat. While gaining international experience in Medellin, Colombia, he fell into a circle of entrepreneurs. And everything changed. Robbie Thomas teamed up with another expat and launched Just Panela, a true raw cane sugar. The company has grown fast. 18 months later, the organic sweetener is in many parts […]

Episode 139 – Costco, Chobani, and Becoming Iconic – Jeremy of LaunchPad

Jeremy Smith is fed up with the food brokerage industry. There are a shortage of great food brokers. And grocery buyers have noticed. That’s why he is back in the game. He previously sold his food brokerage, Level One, and is back with an innovative Food Brokerage and Consultancy: LaunchPad. Over his career in food, […]

Episode 138 – Inside the Buyer’s Brain – Alli Ball

I thought I knew a decent amount about how to connect with buyers. I was wrong. Alli Ball has all the secrets I wanted to know. She has successfully opened several retail locations, including the Bi-Rite Divisadero location as store manager. Alli is a rockstar. Listen to this episode and you’ll agree: Opening Bi-Rite in […]

Episode 135 – The International Man of Food Development – Tim Forrest

Cookies in Saudi Arabia, pomegranates in Croatia, bananas in Ecuador, Olive oil in Georgia. Tim has done it all. In the food business since 1988, he helps companies add thousands of retail locations, millions of dollars in revenue, and millions of capital investment. Tim has worked with large and small companies from all around the […]

Episode 134 – Insights from an Austin Food Legend – Scott of Rhythm Superfoods / Stubb’s BBQ

Scott Jensen is Co-Founder and CEO of Rhythm Superfoods, a manufacturer of organic plant-based superfoods snacks. I am snacking on their delicous broccoli bites as we speak! He is the former CEO & President of One World Foods (Stubb’s Bar-B-Q), which he co-founded 20+ years ago with C.B. Stubblefield and two close friends. One World […]

Episode 131 – The Future of Chips – Brand Evolution – Christian of Cabo Chips

It all started 12 years ago in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Today, it is a nationwide brand based out of Southern California. Christian Bunte started Cabo Chips in college and has been doing it ever since. In 2012, he made the decision to focus on the natural retail channels. A pivotal shift that changed everything. […]

Episode 129 – Bogotá to Eugene, Solo to Co-Founder, Crafting Beer – Doug of Alesong

Douglas Coombs decided it was time for a change. He left a tech startup in a South American city of 9 million people and moved to a small college town in Oregon to start a brewery. Why and how did he do it? We have a fun conversation about his journey and current venture: Alesong […]

Episode 127 – Growth, Awareness, Inc. 500 – Courtney of SmartyPants Vitamins

It started off as an Amazon.com side business. Now it is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. Courtney Nichols Gould had to evolve as a person and leader in order to make SmartyPants Vitamins a successful AND healthy company. They have disrupted the vitamin industry. The company’s products are top ranked […]

Episode 126 – Advice from a Franchise Extraordinaire – Greg Sausaman of Topper’s Creamery

“And I asked him: Why are you doing this? Your grandchildren won’t have to work..” -Greg to his co-founder Wade who owns more than 50 Papa John’s pizza franchises. Greg Sausaman has worked in food since the 1980’s. By the time he was 30 years old, he owned eight Domino’s pizza locations. Then he transitioned to […]

Episode 122 – Local Empowerment + Alternative Sales Channels – Kim of Cureate

You don’t HAVE to follow the cookie-cutter retail sales model. An entrepreneur can feel powerless when they are 100% dependent on one or two large grocery buyers for the success of their food startup. Hotels, catering, and local cafes are a few examples of local businesses that may be interested in carrying your brand. But they need […]

Episode 121 – Perfect Fuel, Perfect Mentors, Perfect Acquisition – Nicolas Warren

“I attribute my success to my numerous beloved mentors and getting up early in the morning to play and work harder.” Nicolas Warren is relied upon for action, leadership, strategy, sales, energy, and smiles. Learning, competition, and positivity are driving forces in his life. He has significant experience in several capacities across multiple industries including […]

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