Incredible journeys that shape the present & future of food & beverage industry

Episode 87 – American Hemp, Activism, and Life on the Bourbon Trail – Chad Rosen of Hemp Foods America

Chad Rosen is nicknamed “Hemp Man” in  New Castle, Kentucky. A California transplant, he is spearheading the movement for industrial grown U.S. hemp. Watch the video (and support) his IndieGogo to learn why hemp is so important to the economic, environmental, and nutritional future of the United States. U.S. legislation is severely restricting the hemp movement. But not for long. […]

Episode 86 – Natural Prophets, Whole Foods and Advice for Millennial Food Entrepreneurs

This is the history episode you have to listen to. Joe Dobrow wrote the textbook on the history of the natural foods industry: Natural Prophets. He masterly weaves U.S. history and the natural foods industry history side by side. Joe served as the head of marketing for Fresh Fields, Whole Foods Market, Balducci’s and Sprouts Farmers Market. […]

Episode 85 – How to Build a Brand Using Art, Values, and Experience Design – Jody Levy of WTRMLN WTR

Jody Levy knew she was going to be an artist in 3rd grade when she got into the flow state painting a Georgia O’Keefe piece. Fast forward to 2016, her watermelon water drink WTRMLN WTR (website) will be nationwide in 7500 stores this summer. Cold pressing 14 million pounds of watermelons in 2016! Last month, many of […]

Episode 83 – Making Shrimp Great Again – New Wave Foods

I’m so proud to have Dominique Barnes and Michelle Wolf on the show. They are the founders of New Wave Foods. They create seafood in a lab not the ocean. Their first product is recreating shrimp using plant proteins and marine algae. This interview blew my mind. Fresh out of IndieBio, a biotech accelerator, and a $250,000 […]

Episode 80 – The Hustler’s Mindset (How to Dominate) – Anthony Rodriguez

Anthony Rodriguez is the founder of Lineage Interactive, A mini ad agency meets a production company. They work with Anna Rawson, David Ortiz, Amare Stoudemire, GTA, Corey Brewer, Henrik Lundqvist, GTA, Nas, Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony, 8 pro sports teams, and many other athletes, musicians and actors. Lineage formally started 12 years ago with athletes who were […]

Episode 79 – How to (really) Utilize Your Network – Sophie of EatPops

She dreamed up EatPops in 2013 while studying for the Bar exam, becoming frustrated by the lack of healthy snack (and dessert) option. In 2014, it became a reality. EatPops is now in over 300 locations throughout the country, including stores like Fairway and Whole Foods . Sophie was recently named to Forbes 30U30 and […]

Episode 78 – A Life 180 into Healthy Baking Mixes – Lindsey of Cherryvale Farms

“I was doing entertainment P.R. in Hollywood — you know, celebrities and calls at 2 a.m. — and was, what should I say? Burnt out,”  (New York Times) .. That was 5 years ago. Today, she runs Cherryvale Farms, currently in 1400 stores with their “Everything But The…” baking mixes. Lindsey Rosenberg and I had a […]

Episode 77 – The Art of Ingredient Sourcing – One Degree Organics

They showed up to ExpoWest 2012 with an idea: transparent ingredient tracing using proprietary software and creative film production. Today, they are nationwide in US stores with their collection of cereals, breads, flowers, and seeds. Danny Houghton is the cofounder of One Degree Organics.The leads ingredient expeditions around the world in search of pure veganic harvests. […]

Episode 75 – The Unscalable Dirty Work for Success – Charlie Guo

Charlie Guo started his first company at Stanford, left it, and did the famed YCombinator in Silicon Valley. While the startup fizzled out, Charlie learned a lot of lessons along the way. He made some friends. Charlie interviewed startup founders from companies including DoorDash, ZeroCater, and Zenefits, and turned it into the book Unscalable. The founders share […]

Episode 73 – Fear No Fruit – THE Specialty Produce Champs – Karen Caplan of Frieda’s

In 1962, Frieda Caplan introduced an exotic fruit to the United States, which she named the Kiwi. Fast forward to 2013, 62 million pounds of kiwi were sold! In the 50+ years since, Frieda’s has played a part in introducing more than 200 specialty fruits and vegetables. A documentary about the company, Fear No Fruit, was […]

Episode 72 – Transforming the Online Recipe Space: Yuni of Chicory

Have you ever seen a recipe online that you loved, but never ended up making? Maybe you didn’t have the time. Perhaps you are unfamiliar with some of the ingredients, and it would take too much effort to locate them. Chicory solves that problem with a one-click delivery solution of the ingredient list of a […]

Episode 71 – 10X Thinking via Democratization and Disruption – Bluecart

Simplifying ordering for restaurant buyers is a hot industry. Many startups are entering the space. This week’s guest, Bluecart, stands out with a unique business model: it is free for everyone. The company has a potential for huge growth precisely because there are so many small farmers, producers, wholesalers, and restaurants out there who’s margins are […]

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