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Episode 25 – Emerging Opportunities From Recent News (June 2014)

The ever-changing food industry creates a lot of news. A lot of it is fluff or not very helpful. But, if you keep your eyes peeled, you may discover a possibility, a market gap for a new food business to cover. We discuss four recent pieces of news that may present opportunities: Vermont GMO Labeling […]

Episode 24 – Count the Pickles – 7 Lessons From our Interview Experts

Over the past two months, we have interviewed 6 amazing food entrepreneurs. By interviewing and interacting with them, we have learned so much. Today we are share with our listeners 7 valuable lessons learned. We cover: Danny demystifies chocolate/cacao terminology Matt mentions a new book that has really helped his entrepreneurial mindset Strategies for turning […]

Episode 20 – Peru Mix – Juan Luis Vera

Today we speak with Juan Luis Vera of PeruMix, one of the fasting growing restaurants in Colombia. Juan Luis tells us the story behind his restaurant concept and we get a glimpse of why this restaurant is getting franchise offers on the regular. We cover: *How Juan Luis performed informal market research in Medellin to […]

Episode 18 – Historian, Author, Coffee Roaster – Robert W. Thurston

We get another taste of the exciting world of coffee today as we had the pleasure to interview Robert W. Thurston, co-author and editor of Coffee: A Comprehensive Guide to the Bean, the Beverage, and the Industry. He also owns Oxford Coffee, a coffee roaster/retailer in Oxford, Ohio.  Some things we discuss: How specialty coffee can […]

Episode 17 – Why you Shouldn’t Start a Food Company

Why maybe you should NOT start a food business… It’s not for everyone. We cover: *Difficulties in economy of scale (for packaging product AND logistics) *Startup capital and Kickstarter *Food sanitation, permits, etc *Comparison to businesses with more control and less startup capital: digital products/apps, non-perishable imports (i.e: iPhone cases) *Special bonus: how to get free […]

Episode 8 – Becoming an Expert

In the food industry, positioning yourself as an expert can pay dividends, but it must be done in the right way. We break down becoming an expert: What is an expert – opinions from both us When to say “no” or “I don’t know” Why be an expert Relate it to food Calling yourself an […]

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