Incredible journeys that shape the present & future of food & beverage industry

Episode 176 – Mental Health Roundtable with Jeremy Smith, Mark Samuel & Hugh Thomas

In this episode we trigger up some thoughts from three serial entrepreneurs who share their close encounter with it, how they crossed over to the other side and some daily best practices that keep your heart and mind healthy. A huge thank you to our guests on the show: Jeremy Smith – CEO of Launchpad […]

Episode 173 – How Collaboration Can Catapult a Brand’s Success – Francisco Pavan of Kumana

FSP listeners, I am so excited to bring this episode to you as a co-hosted episode with none other than Jeremy Smith, an expert voice, well regarded in Consumer Packaged Goods. To top that off, this interview features Francisco Pavan, the Co-Founder of Kumana, a company that makes Avocado Sauces inspired by Venezuelan cuisine. After traveling […]

Episode 169 – The Technique of Self Distribution and Building Strong Relationships with Buyers

Sadie Scheffer is the founder and CEO of Bread Srsly, a wholesale sourdough bread company. After Sadie dropped out from MIT, she started her own business making and distributing glutten-free treats. All of their bread rises for more than 12 hours, breaking down hard-to-digest grains and Plus, Bread SRSLY gluten-free sourdough contains a host of […]

Episode 164 – Build a Community Before a Food Brand – Hema of Crafty Counter

Hema built a community targeted towards parents and busy individuals that look for smart, quick, and tasty food options. What makes her approach unique is that she developed a website with recipes, videos, and helped built a community before launching her first CPG food product. Hema Reddy is the Founder & CEO of Crafty Counter, […]

Episode 163 – Why Amazon-Whole Foods is unlikely to work (for Whole Foods)

There is no denying the inventory and logistical benefits of Whole Foods being purchased by Amazon. Any spreadsheet or report can prove that. But what is often overlooked in the history of (failed) acquisitions is culture. Jeremy Smith believes there is a high probability that Whole Foods will fail post-Amazon purchase because of it. John […]

Episode 160 – Logistics Strategy with Andrew of Zipline

Listen to part 2 here: While many of us our strategic about our packaging and ingredients, food startup founders tend to address logistics from a tactical standpoint. We brought in an expert to help us think strategic. Andrew Lynch is co-founder and president of the Zipline Logistics, an award-winning North American 3PL that specializes exclusively […]

Episode 158 – A Pragmatic, Visionary Capitalist – Michael of Green Chef

Mindset, packaging, food labeling, logistics, innovation, systems thinking, sustainability, traceability, and big e-commerce in the delivery space. This episode has it all. I don’t say this lightly, but this episode should be listened to by all food entrepreneurs. Michael Joseph is the CEO of Green Chef, his 3rd food startup. Green Chef is a a USDA-certified […]

Episode 156 – Personal Strength, Community, and Homegrown Veggies – Sam of Vinder

Sam Lillie is the founder/CEO of Vinder, a peer-to-peer marketplace for homegrown produce that connects home gardeners who hate seeing their excess veggies go to waste, with fellow community members looking to buy local produce. Sam graduated from San Jose State in 2015 then solo-hiked from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail (2,658 […]

Episode 155 – How to Last in the Natural Foods Space – Joshua of Living Intentions

“I had a lot of experiences where I truly manifested my reality. And those experiences continue.” Joshua Mchugh has been at this for 13 years. Not many startups make it to the decade mark. How did he do it? Starting out, he would spend endless hours reading recipe books with the intention of understanding how […]

Episode 153 – Investing in the 1% – Jordan of AccelFoods

“Back the jockey, not the horse.” At the early revenue stage, the founder is crucial in deciding whether to invest or not. Out of every 100 or so food startups Accel Foods invests in just 1. What makes them say yes to this small handful of companies? Co-founder Jordan Gaspar and I dive into her […]

Episode 151 – #1 on Amazon + Road Trip Retail Strategy – Alex of Bizzy Coffee

When I asked Alex how they came up with the idea for an energy shot. It was simple: Our customers told us. Before the interview, I thought: “Why would anyone start a cold-brew coffee company? There are so many on the market already.” I quickly learned the unique value proposition of Bizzy Coffee from a […]

Episode 149 – Health, Wealth + Coconuts – Alex of Genius

Most Americans are sick. Alex Bayer saw it first hand, dealing insurance policies for AFLAC in southern California. Born and raised in Palos Verdes, he has followed an extremely healthy and active lifestyle from an early age. In his 20’s, he became ‘too busy’ and was always on the go, never having time to cook […]

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