"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"

Episode 153 – Investing in the 1% – Jordan of AccelFoods

“Back the jockey, not the horse.” At the early revenue stage, the founder is crucial in deciding whether to invest or not. Out of every 100 or so food startups Accel Foods invests in just 1. What makes them say yes to this small handful of companies? Co-founder Jordan Gaspar and I dive into her […]

Episode 151 – #1 on Amazon + Road Trip Retail Strategy – Alex of Bizzy Coffee

When I asked Alex how they came up with the idea for an energy shot. It was simple: Our customers told us. Before the interview, I thought: “Why would anyone start a cold-brew coffee company? There are so many on the market already.” I quickly learned the unique value proposition of Bizzy Coffee from a […]

Episode 149 – Health, Wealth + Coconuts – Alex of Genius

Most Americans are sick. Alex Bayer saw it first hand, dealing insurance policies for AFLAC in southern California. Born and raised in Palos Verdes, he has followed an extremely healthy and active lifestyle from an early age. In his 20’s, he became ‘too busy’ and was always on the go, never having time to cook […]

Episode 145 – Resourcefulness, Skyr, + Taking a Bite out of Disease – Andrew of B’more Organic

“Necessity creates opportunities in my life.” Andrew Buerger was in his 40’s and stuck in a declining industry. He had to find something new. While mountain climbing in Iceland, tried their traditional yogurt, Skyr. Even though he is lactose-intolerant, Andrew loved the yogurt and felt great after eating it. He came back to Maryland to […]

Episode 143 – Finding the White Space – Mikey’s

He started Mikey’s Muffins as a side hustle to pay the rent. As of today, his products are in more than 4500 retailers nationwide. Michael Tierney began working in professional kitchens at the age of 13 and followed his passion to The Culinary Institute of America, where he earned his degree in Culinary Arts Management. […]

Episode 140 – Mushrooms, Customer Rituals, and Lifestyle – Tero of Four Sigmatic

Tero Isokauppila, the founder of Four Sigmatic, is on a mission to make medicinal mushrooms, some of the world’s most researched superfoods, more accessible to everyone. Born in Finland to an agronomist father and nursing teacher mother, Tero grew up on a farm his family has owned since 1619. There, he foraged for mushrooms and […]

Episode 138 – Inside the Buyer’s Brain – Alli Ball

I thought I knew a decent amount about how to connect with buyers. I was wrong. Alli Ball has all the secrets I wanted to know. She has successfully opened several retail locations, including the Bi-Rite Divisadero location as store manager. Alli is a rockstar. Listen to this episode and you’ll agree: Opening Bi-Rite in […]

Episode 136 – Building a Popsicle Empire – Daniel of Good Pop

He founded GoodPop on a ramen noodle budget in 2009 and hasn’t accepted investments since. College student at the time, Daniel couldn’t find an all-natural popsicle, snow cone or frozen treat to beat the Texas heat. Daniel Goetz decided to quit his advertising internship to launch GoodPop with his first retailer, Whole Foods. GoodPop has […]

Episode 134 – Insights from an Austin Food Legend – Scott of Rhythm Superfoods / Stubb’s BBQ

Scott Jensen is Co-Founder and CEO of Rhythm Superfoods, a manufacturer of organic plant-based superfoods snacks. I am snacking on their delicous broccoli bites as we speak! He is the former CEO & President of One World Foods (Stubb’s Bar-B-Q), which he co-founded 20+ years ago with C.B. Stubblefield and two close friends. One World […]

Episode 127 – Growth, Awareness, Inc. 500 – Courtney of SmartyPants Vitamins

It started off as an Amazon.com side business. Now it is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. Courtney Nichols Gould had to evolve as a person and leader in order to make SmartyPants Vitamins a successful AND healthy company. They have disrupted the vitamin industry. The company’s products are top ranked […]

Episode 125 – Money, Pressure, and Passion – The Art of Authenticity

Turning the tables to end the year, this time I am the one who is interviewed. Laura Coe, of The Art of Authenticity podcast, and I talk about Money, Pressure, and Passion. Copying the show notes from Laura’s episode page here: Matt’s background and what inspired him to become an entrepreneur [4:20] The background on his […]

Episode 124 – How to Make 2017 Better

Dear listeners, You know me from my podcast. I’ve spoken to over 100 experts and I always try to get advice. Ask questions that we can learn from. You know this. But did you know that I am in the food business as well? Where do I want to go with my business. Today I am […]

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