Incredible journeys that shape the present & future of food & beverage industry

Episode 113 – The Timeless Art of Social Dynamics – Susan MacTavish Best

“I’ve made a lot of people wealthy, but what about me? What do l love to do?” Susan MacTavish Best creates interesting and engaging salons that have brought together some of the most creative minds of this century, from Tim Ferriss to Michael Pollan to food companies like Hampton Creek. The salons cover topics ranging […]

Episode 108 – 80 farms, 6000+ stores in 7 Years – Tim of Maple Hill Creamery

Tim Joseph had no farming experience. He had never even milked a cow. In 2004, he received a fast education when sixty-four cows stepped off the trailers onto his land. Thrown into the fire, Tim and his wife Laura started selling milk while Tim worked a full-time corporate job from home. In 2009, they went “all […]

Episode 101 – How to Survive (and Thrive) with Purpose – Seth of Honest Tea

Seth Goldman co-founded Honest® Tea in 1998 with Professor Barry Nalebuff of the Yale School of Management. They were acquired in 2011 are now a $160 million division of Coca-Cola. Honest Tea is the nation’s top selling ready-to-drink organic bottled tea and Honest Kids® is the nation’s top-selling organic children/youth beverage. The brands are carried in […]

Episode 100 – How to Seduce and Succeed with Buyers

It’s been almost three years since we started the show. Today we finally reached a milestone.  Triple digits baby! All this time we have spent – interviewing experts, talking to listeners, and going through the trials and tribulations of a food startup ourselves – we have picked up a lot of ideas on how to […]

Episode 96 – IoT Produce Tracking and Startup Wisdom – Tom of Fresh Surety

Produce going bad is no secret: 50% of the shelf life is already gone before you can visually detect that the fruit has gone bad. Fresh Surety is working on solving the problem with “real time freshness reporting anywhere in the world for a few cents per carton.” It could really change the world. As we covered […]

Episode 93 – Problem Solving Lessons From The Last 10 Guests

Hey FSP Community. The last 10 guests have a common theme. They solved either their own problem or a problem they saw in the world. I share my thoughts on each. This is a great refresher episode and a way to start exploring the last 10 guests. Have a listen! Selected Links in This Episode: […]

Episode 86 – Natural Prophets, Whole Foods and Advice for Millennial Food Entrepreneurs

This is the history episode you have to listen to. Joe Dobrow wrote the textbook on the history of the natural foods industry: Natural Prophets. He masterly weaves U.S. history and the natural foods industry history side by side. Joe served as the head of marketing for Fresh Fields, Whole Foods Market, Balducci’s and Sprouts Farmers Market. […]

Episode 85 – How to Build a Brand Using Art, Values, and Experience Design – Jody Levy of WTRMLN WTR

Jody Levy knew she was going to be an artist in 3rd grade when she got into the flow state painting a Georgia O’Keefe piece. Fast forward to 2016, her watermelon water drink WTRMLN WTR (website) will be nationwide in 7500 stores this summer. Cold pressing 14 million pounds of watermelons in 2016! Last month, many of […]

Episode 76 – Food Startup Lessons from our Last 10 Guests

For our first episode of 2016, we revisit the wisdom and experience our last 10 guests. I listened to each episode again and chose one key lesson. FSP faithful, here is some analysis from some of our top episodes. New to the show? If you hear a lesson or guest that interests you, check out their full […]

Episode 73 – Fear No Fruit – THE Specialty Produce Champs – Karen Caplan of Frieda’s

In 1962, Frieda Caplan introduced an exotic fruit to the United States, which she named the Kiwi. Fast forward to 2013, 62 million pounds of kiwi were sold! In the 50+ years since, Frieda’s has played a part in introducing more than 200 specialty fruits and vegetables. A documentary about the company, Fear No Fruit, was […]

Episode 66 – Life Lessons from Bob of Bob’s Red Mill

What a treat! Bob Moore and his longtime (and lovely) assistant Nancy Garner join us for this episode. At 86 years old, Bob is full of energy as he continues to manage a thriving company with over 400 employees. I start off telling a few highlights of Bob’s life as well as some defining character traits […]

Episode 49 – Behind the Scenes with a B2B Industry Leader – All Things Bugs

Thanks to our (fabulous) interview with C-FU, other insect food companies have reached out. We had a chance to speak with the industry leader of cricket powder, All Things Bugs. They got their start with the Gates Foundation. Today, all of the “big boys” use them as their supplier. Whether you are B2B, B2C, or both, there […]

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