Incredible journeys that shape the present & future of food & beverage industry

Episode 167 – Regenerative agriculture and reversing climate change – Annie from Kiss The Ground

Annie Martin is an activist, writer, scientist, and marketing manager dedicated to environmental issues related to food, water, and agriculture. Her passions have led her around the world researching child malnutrition, the consequences of industrial farming, and successful soil remediation techniques. Today, Annie is working with consumers, suppliers, and purchasers to drive demand for regenerative […]

Episode 165 – Launch a record breaking kickstarter campaign – John “Sonic” Ban and Mark Yu of Grass Fed Coffee

John “Sonic” Ban has worn many hats, is a serial entrepreneur and shares valuable lessons from his experience, in this episode. Also known as DJ Sonic, due to 10+ years in a hip hop radio station, his first brush with starting his own business was in the Indianapolis food truck scene where he was one of […]

Episode 163 – Why Amazon-Whole Foods is unlikely to work (for Whole Foods)

There is no denying the inventory and logistical benefits of Whole Foods being purchased by Amazon. Any spreadsheet or report can prove that. But what is often overlooked in the history of (failed) acquisitions is culture. Jeremy Smith believes there is a high probability that Whole Foods will fail post-Amazon purchase because of it. John […]

Episode 159 – Cauliflower as a Bread Replacement? – Jeanne of Outer Aisle

Jeanne David has created a company by taking a long-used veggie as a replacement for pizza crust and bread. By cutting out refined carbs, one can transform health. We talk about the anti-inflammatory diet, getting on restaurant menus, dealing with unexpected sales spikes via a popular blog, and more. More about Jeanne: Jeanne David is […]

Episode 158 – A Pragmatic, Visionary Capitalist – Michael of Green Chef

Mindset, packaging, food labeling, logistics, innovation, systems thinking, sustainability, traceability, and big e-commerce in the delivery space. This episode has it all. I don’t say this lightly, but this episode should be listened to by all food entrepreneurs. Michael Joseph is the CEO of Green Chef, his 3rd food startup. Green Chef is a a USDA-certified […]

Episode 156 – Personal Strength, Community, and Homegrown Veggies – Sam of Vinder

Sam Lillie is the founder/CEO of Vinder, a peer-to-peer marketplace for homegrown produce that connects home gardeners who hate seeing their excess veggies go to waste, with fellow community members looking to buy local produce. Sam graduated from San Jose State in 2015 then solo-hiked from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail (2,658 […]

Episode 155 – How to Last in the Natural Foods Space – Joshua of Living Intentions

“I had a lot of experiences where I truly manifested my reality. And those experiences continue.” Joshua Mchugh has been at this for 13 years. Not many startups make it to the decade mark. How did he do it? Starting out, he would spend endless hours reading recipe books with the intention of understanding how […]

Episode 148 – The Blockchain and Food – Emma of AgriDigital

Imagine if, in 1996, you knew that the internet was going to be the next big thing. In hindsight, it seems obvious, but it wasn’t at the time. Now we are on the brink of a new technology that can be as monumental to the world as the internet: the blockchain. Food and Ag is […]

Episode 147 – More on Brokers, Costco, and the Evolving Food Space – Jeremy of LaunchPad

Jeremy Smith is back. If you haven’t heard the first interview, listen here. There is trouble brewing in the food broker space. Whole Foods sales are down. The market has changed dramatically. Based on listener response to the first episode and Jeremy’s intuition, we continued the conversation on Costco, brokers, and how to adapt to […]

Episode 145 – Resourcefulness, Skyr, + Taking a Bite out of Disease – Andrew of B’more Organic

“Necessity creates opportunities in my life.” Andrew Buerger was in his 40’s and stuck in a declining industry. He had to find something new. While mountain climbing in Iceland, tried their traditional yogurt, Skyr. Even though he is lactose-intolerant, Andrew loved the yogurt and felt great after eating it. He came back to Maryland to […]

Episode 143 – Finding the White Space – Mikey’s

He started Mikey’s Muffins as a side hustle to pay the rent. As of today, his products are in more than 4500 retailers nationwide. Michael Tierney began working in professional kitchens at the age of 13 and followed his passion to The Culinary Institute of America, where he earned his degree in Culinary Arts Management. […]

Episode 141 – How to Reinvent Yourself, Build Startups – Tobias of Square Roots

Tobias Peggs understands how to pivot; how to evolve. He has primarily operated in venture-backed tech startup environments (twice as CEO w/exits to Walmart and Adobe). He has led companies across various domains including mobile, search, social, e-commerce, ad-tech and speech recognition. Now, with Kimbal Musk, he is spearheading Square Roots Urban Growers – a […]

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