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Episode 40 – Simplifying Online Foodie Shopping – Richard Demb of Abe’s Market

Richard Demb’s career started in investment banking. He switched to tech/ecommerce, and later on, a popcorn company. Leveraging these experiences, he co-founded an online marketplace, Abe’s Market. They were recently named by Forbes as one of “The 25 Most Creative Consumer And Retail Brands”. Richard tells us about: Why Richard co-founded Abe’s Market Key criteria for getting your […]

Episode 38 – How to Start Selling your Food Product Online

Above: cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Epsos Perhaps you are ready to launch your food product online and have no idea where to start. Or maybe you don’t want dish out a ton of money to test your concept. Matt and Danny discuss: Why understanding your goal is key to your online launch How to […]

Episode 28 – Teamwork and Exclusive Distribution

The food business has a complicated supply chain. In order to win, you need to build a team. We take a look at teamwork from the angle of exclusive distribution. How do you make an agreement and execute for both parties? We discuss: Competitive advantages of exclusive distribution Contracts Proving your worth as a partner […]

Episode 16 – Daniel Velasquez from Campesino Specialty Coffee

We interview Daniel Velasquez, who brings his family’s coffee from Colombia and sells it in the United States. Daniel shares his story with us. As you will learn, selling specialty coffee in the U.S. is all about telling a story. NOTE: A slight error in the intro. Daniel’s Grandfather fell in love with the farmer’s daughter […]

Episode 12 – Gaurav Gupta “Making moves across 4 continents”

We are very pleased to release an interview with international import/export heavyweight Gaurav Gupta. It is packed with advice for those looking to get started/grow in the food industry. We cover: His experience importing into Africa. Comparing SE Asia, Africa, and South America. The hardships he endured. When he thought about giving up. How Gaurav […]

Episode 11 – FDA Registration and Compliance for Foreign Companies

We designed this show around the reality that many foreign companies are paying tons of $$$$ for some very simple registrations that can take less than a half an hour to complete!! This is for folks that are getting set up with/as first time exporters to the United States. We cover: A) Food Facility Registration […]

Episode 10 – Taking Grandma’s Favorite Recipe to the Shelves

We have all come across amazing homemade recipes. And you may even have told (or been told) “Wow, that is amazing. You should sell this.” While it may be feasible, many ideas aren’t. How do you take a great recipe and create a timeline to turn it into a successful commercial product?

Episode 9 – Your Bananas Aren’t Local – Turkey Chat

Danny and Matt team up in Medellin to put on a Colombian thanksgiving episode. We merge Colombian ingredients and American tradition into a great meal. Later, we discuss food globalization: *The cost of transporting food *Imported foods and cultural tradition *Geographical/climate limitations *Media fallacies with respect to food globalization Some of our Thanksgiving Recipes A. […]

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