Incredible journeys that shape the present & future of food & beverage industry

Episode 118 – Do You Need a Food Broker? Andrew of YINYANG NATURALS

Andrew Chae worked in his family’s food manufacturing business since his teenage years. In 2004, he oversaw the organic certification of two production facilities, and built a new Asian organic brand, Ohana House, from the ground up. Ohana House went national with distribution into all Whole Foods and other major natural chains. Andrew also oversaw […]

Episode 110 – The Food Truck Episode – Bob and Richard of M&R Specialty

Richard Willis and Bob Pierson saw the trend of food trucks before most. From their website: “The Macclenny based company, M&R Specialty Trailers + Trucks is cooking up a thriving business of customizing food trucks and trailers. They have capitalized upon the public’s insatiable appetite for mobile food, the steady online buzz, and the testimonies […]

Episode 108 – 80 farms, 6000+ stores in 7 Years – Tim of Maple Hill Creamery

Tim Joseph had no farming experience. He had never even milked a cow. In 2004, he received a fast education when sixty-four cows stepped off the trailers onto his land. Thrown into the fire, Tim and his wife Laura started selling milk while Tim worked a full-time corporate job from home. In 2009, they went “all […]

Episode 107 – Entrepreneur, Innovator, + Farmer – Tim of Shenandoah Growers

Tim Heydon started at Shenandoah Growers via an unusual route: along with a few classmates, he wrote a case study on the company while doing his MBA nearby at James Madison University. This was 1998. Tim joined the company as CEO and has grown Shenandoah into 350 employees across 300,000 square feet of growing/packing facilities in […]

Episode 102 – Strengthening Communities in the Amazon + Ohio – Evan of Peaceful Fruits

Evan Delahanty is one of the few people I know who has lived in the the middle of the Amazon Rainforest. I mean taking a canoe 3 hours UP river. As a Peace Corps volunteer in Suriname, he learned a language that only 26,000 people speak (Saramaccan)! After completing his mission, he was looking for […]

Episode 101 – How to Survive (and Thrive) with Purpose – Seth of Honest Tea

Seth Goldman co-founded Honest® Tea in 1998 with Professor Barry Nalebuff of the Yale School of Management. They were acquired in 2011 are now a $160 million division of Coca-Cola. Honest Tea is the nation’s top selling ready-to-drink organic bottled tea and Honest Kids® is the nation’s top-selling organic children/youth beverage. The brands are carried in […]

Episode 97 – Running a Startup on Two Continents – Eattiamo

Pietro Guerrera and Filippo Lubrano reached breakeven in 2015 with their European venture. But they are thinking BIG. They recently launched in the U.S. with a new subscription box business model. Eattiamo brings exclusive, gourmet Italian products to your doorstep. On the outside, the products are fantastic and the design is beautiful. On the inside, […]

Episode 92 – On Becoming a Rockstar Social Entrepreneur – Lisa of Kuli Kuli

Roughly six years ago, Lisa was in the Peace Corps in a remote village of Niger. Eating a limited vegetarian diet, she was feeling malnourished. On discovering the superfood moringa, she solved her “sluggish energy” problem. And she decided to use moringa as a vehicle to solve problems for others. Fast forward to today, her company Kuli Kuli […]

Episode 91 – Breaking the Rules to Better a Supply Chain – Karl of Direct Origin/Swillings Coffee

For every 20 lots of coffee Karl tastes, only 1 makes the cut for the final container. A direct trading coffee company requires work. It’s not just visiting beautiful coffee farms. Karl Wienhold has some stories to tell. He frequently has to take longer routes to coffee farms to prevent contact with leftist guerrillas that […]

Episode 90 – “Will you help me bring this fruit to the US?” – Linh and Myron of XOI

The title of the episode is a question from Bkrong, an Ede (ethnic minority group) farmer from Vietnam. Bkrong was also the host mother of Linh, cofounder of XOI company. Linh Tran and Myron Lam met on a 2013 trip to Vietnam on a research grant from Brown university. There, they discovered the Gac fruit growing in […]

Episode 89 – Building a Community in NYC – Ashly of Barley + Oats

Ashly created Barley + Oats to solve a problem. She was pregnant and worried about her baby’s health. So she learned (and practiced) a healthy pregnancy diet. Barley + Oats was born, delivering healthy meals to NYC moms. 9 in 10 women are micronutrient deficient, affecting their fertility, pregnancy and postpartum experience.  Ashly is quickly […]

Episode 64 – A Guide to Moving Food Products on Amazon – Brad Forbush of Maivita/Kiveya

He left a billion dollar nutrition company with a revelation: “I can do better”. Brad wanted to sell truly healthy foods that were made via a healthy process. An online marketing whiz, Brad helps companies sell online through Amazon and other channels. He also has his own brand: Maivita. Brad takes us to school: The key […]

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