Incredible journeys that shape the present & future of food & beverage industry

Episode 175 – Position Your Business and Investor Relationship For Success

Tom Spier is the Founder and Managing Partner of Boulder Food Group(BFG), a venture capital firm that seeks partnerships with early stage food and beverage consumer product companies. Tom previously co-founded EVOL Foods and was the COO of Bear Naked Granola. Under Tom’s management, both businesses were successfully sold to public companies. In addition to […]

Episode 165 – Launch a record breaking kickstarter campaign – John “Sonic” Ban and Mark Yu of Grass Fed Coffee

John “Sonic” Ban has worn many hats, is a serial entrepreneur and shares valuable lessons from his experience, in this episode. Also known as DJ Sonic, due to 10+ years in a hip hop radio station, his first brush with starting his own business was in the Indianapolis food truck scene where he was one of […]

Episode 162 – On Building True Fans, Mentors and E-commerce Dominance – Madeline of nutpods

In just a few years, nutpods is on fire. A dairy-free coffee creamer, they have passed Coffee Mate on for # of reviews. Talk about “review capital”! She entered the food space as an outsider. With a beginner’s mindset and the ability to develop die-hard fans, nutpods has become a great success. Awarded as […]

Episode 150 – Raising Money + Lessons from 1000 Founders – Steven of CircleUp

For Steven, it’s all about patterns. He has spoken to over 1,000 founders and has developed a sense for which startups are going to flourish. He focuses on sourcing and evaluating premier brands and coaching entrepreneurs through the fundraising process at CircleUp. CircleUp is the platform providing capital and resources to innovative, early-stage consumer brands, […]

Episode 117 – $$$ for American Food Startups – Adam of Kiva

Featuring cameos from Keely Gerhold of Tinyfield Roofhop Farms and Corey Wood of Elixir Kombucha. My favorite charity*, Kiva, is a micro-finance platform based on Nobel-prize winner Muhammad Yunus’s Grameen Bank. On their platform, over $924,000,000 has been lent to over a million borrowers in 82 countries from over a million lenders. Kiva’s awesome international work […]

Episode 115 – Baking up a Business – Marlo’s Bakeshop

Marlo Giudice landed in San Francisco by way of New York City and years of work in relationship management at digital marketing & Ad Tech companies. Once relocating, she quickly realized that her passion actually lay in baking and enrolled in a professional pastry education program. Today, she has expanded that recipe and Marlo’s offers […]

Episode 109 – The World’s Smartest Coffee Machine – Roderick of Spinn Coffee

“After the tour, I started meeting with him regularly to do Harley trips, and over a bottle of whiskey we both talked about doing something together, starting a business … Let’s make a coffee machine that’s connected, that uses your patent.” If you’re into coffee, you may own a variety of equipment: grinder, coffee dripper, […]

Episode 102 – Strengthening Communities in the Amazon + Ohio – Evan of Peaceful Fruits

Evan Delahanty is one of the few people I know who has lived in the the middle of the Amazon Rainforest. I mean taking a canoe 3 hours UP river. As a Peace Corps volunteer in Suriname, he learned a language that only 26,000 people speak (Saramaccan)! After completing his mission, he was looking for […]

Episode 92 – On Becoming a Rockstar Social Entrepreneur – Lisa of Kuli Kuli

Roughly six years ago, Lisa was in the Peace Corps in a remote village of Niger. Eating a limited vegetarian diet, she was feeling malnourished. On discovering the superfood moringa, she solved her “sluggish energy” problem. And she decided to use moringa as a vehicle to solve problems for others. Fast forward to today, her company Kuli Kuli […]

Episode 88 – How to Crush Kickstarter & Business – Lisa Q. of NOMIKU

NOMIKU was born from two successful Kickstarter campaigns that totaled over $1.3 million and have thousands of units in homes and restaurants around the world. Lisa Q. Fetterman, the co-founder and CEO, is equally gifted and inspiring. She launched the first home sous vide immersion circulator machine on the market. Yes, you’ve tried sous vide cooked […]

Episode 55 – Building The Pixar of Food – Nikhil Arora of Back to the Roots®

They started at UC-Berkley making organic mushrooms out of coffee waste. Now, they are a full-fledged company in Home Depot, Urban Outfitters, and Target among others. It is one of the most inspiring stories we’ve had so far. Fresh off a 2 million dollar investment round, Nikhil Arora of Back to the Roots® talks about […]

Episode 41 – 120 million – Food and Social Media with The Stoner’s Cookbook

Matt Gray is the CEO of The Stoner’s Cookbook and co-creator of Herb, the first cannabis coffee table cookbook. Just over a year ago, their FB page had 30,000 likes. As of this episode, they have over 3 million. Monthly, they  reach 120 million users via all online channels! We go behind the scenes of the exploding media […]

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