Incredible journeys that shape the present & future of food & beverage industry

Episode 167 – Regenerative agriculture and reversing climate change – Annie from Kiss The Ground

Annie Martin is an activist, writer, scientist, and marketing manager dedicated to environmental issues related to food, water, and agriculture. Her passions have led her around the world researching child malnutrition, the consequences of industrial farming, and successful soil remediation techniques. Today, Annie is working with consumers, suppliers, and purchasers to drive demand for regenerative […]

Episode 137 – Chicory, Prebiotic Health Benefits, and B2B Sales – David of Blue Prarie

When David Woodburn was asked to be the CEO of Blue Prarie, he didn’t know what chicory was. Now, he is leading the charge developing prebiotic, chicory-based ingredients that help maintain a healthy gut environment for beneficial bacteria while replacing fast-digesting starches. David is pleased to announce that Blue Prarie has completed a $6 million […]

Episode 123 – Indoor Growing, Coworking, and Coliving – Eric of ROOT

Eric De Feo grew up in New York, the son of Italian immigrants. As a child, he learned about design, building, and community. He also learned that living in a big house means a lot of work! As an adult, Eric has combined his experience and interests in design, architecture, environmental conservation, and food. Eric […]

Episode 116 – International Biz, Patents, and Bed Bugs – Karn of Terramera

In this episode, we talk neem oil, biology, and international business with the founder of Terramera. Their products can increase crop yields over conventional and current organic pesticides, bee health and public health applications  by harnessing the power of natural plant defenses and innovative chemistry. Checkout their PROOF® Spray at Walmart and Target. This is […]

Episode 108 – 80 farms, 6000+ stores in 7 Years – Tim of Maple Hill Creamery

Tim Joseph had no farming experience. He had never even milked a cow. In 2004, he received a fast education when sixty-four cows stepped off the trailers onto his land. Thrown into the fire, Tim and his wife Laura started selling milk while Tim worked a full-time corporate job from home. In 2009, they went “all […]

Episode 107 – Entrepreneur, Innovator, + Farmer – Tim of Shenandoah Growers

Tim Heydon started at Shenandoah Growers via an unusual route: along with a few classmates, he wrote a case study on the company while doing his MBA nearby at James Madison University. This was 1998. Tim joined the company as CEO and has grown Shenandoah into 350 employees across 300,000 square feet of growing/packing facilities in […]

Episode 105 – An 8 Minute Intro to AI and Food Startups

Self-driving cars, IBM’s Watson, and Google’s search algorithm are just a few examples of AI (Artificial Intelligence) .. it is already here. And it is rapidly becoming a bigger part of our lives. AI will change food. Listen to this quick overview as a starting point for AI Awareness, how you can start thinking about […]

Episode 87 – American Hemp, Activism, and Life on the Bourbon Trail – Chad Rosen of Hemp Foods America

Chad Rosen is nicknamed “Hemp Man” in  New Castle, Kentucky. A California transplant, he is spearheading the movement for industrial grown U.S. hemp. Watch the video (and support) his IndieGogo to learn why hemp is so important to the economic, environmental, and nutritional future of the United States. U.S. legislation is severely restricting the hemp movement. But not for long. […]

Episode 61 – Build a 9 Figure Company and Return to Square One – Alan Hahn of Myco Technology

When I first read Alan Hahn’s bio, I thought: “What does it feel like to have a 9 figure per year revenue company?” What about a 1.1 billion ROI? Alan is smart, passionate and knows how to scale businesses. He is back in startup mode with Mycotech: a Food Technology company that has created a […]

Episode 56 – Biosustainable Global Farming 101 – Mike from Corigin

Today we have a talk about some of the biggest agricultural and environmental challenges that our heavily populated earth faces: Removal of existing carbon from the atmosphere Help farmers cut water & fertilizer use Convert forest & farm waste into bio-sustainable products Neutralize alkaline water Rebuild soil fertility Mike Woelk from Corigin is working on […]

Episode 45 – Time to Eat Worms – Insect Gastronomy with C-fu Foods

It is time that you know about insect gastronomy. The world is not sustainable with such a high diet of beef. Right now, there are 1900 known edible insects or at least 1900 flavors! I had a great time learning from Eli and Lee Cadesky. Things like: The adventure of 3 brothers into the world of insect […]

Episode 21 – Bob Quinn of Kamut®

From an Egyptian Tomb to Montana to Italy, Bob takes us all around the world. Today, Kamut® is used in thousands of products produced worldwide including breads, pasta, cereals, snacks, pastries, crackers, beer, grain coffee, green foods, and a delicious wheat drink. We learn about: *The history of the grain – from a small handful to […]

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