Incredible journeys that shape the present & future of food & beverage industry

Episode 144 – A Lesson on Biz Dev and Consumer Behavior – Andy of Basket Savings

In the space Andy Ellwood plays in, every few years you need to be prepared to start over. On his dynamic career “path”, Andy has become a high-performer in business development with a track record to back it up. He helped Gowalla through its acquisition by Facebook in 2011, Waze through to its acquisition by […]

Episode 106 – The Grocery Shopper 2.0 with Sam of the Sage Project.

In today’s interview we talk about the paradox of choice and the power of data. As Sam Slover mentioned in the interview: “If you think of a grocery store with a huge aisle of 60+ yogurts to choose from, but each of those yogurts has a slightly different (nutritional) profile”, how do you choose the […]

Episode 74 – Inside the Billion Dollar Food Delivery Wars – Martin Mignot

Martin Mignot is a Venture Capitalist @ IndexVentures. A large VC firm out of London, their investments include DropBox and Skype, tools we use to make the Food Startups Podcast. Martin is actively looking after Index’s investments in Algolia, Blablacar, Capitaine Train,Drivy, Rad, Swiftkey, TheFamily and Deliveroo: an on-demand food delivery startup who just raised 100 million. The […]

Episode 72 – Transforming the Online Recipe Space: Yuni of Chicory

Have you ever seen a recipe online that you loved, but never ended up making? Maybe you didn’t have the time. Perhaps you are unfamiliar with some of the ingredients, and it would take too much effort to locate them. Chicory solves that problem with a one-click delivery solution of the ingredient list of a […]

Episode 71 – 10X Thinking via Democratization and Disruption – Bluecart

Simplifying ordering for restaurant buyers is a hot industry. Many startups are entering the space. This week’s guest, Bluecart, stands out with a unique business model: it is free for everyone. The company has a potential for huge growth precisely because there are so many small farmers, producers, wholesalers, and restaurants out there who’s margins are […]

Episode 64 – A Guide to Moving Food Products on Amazon – Brad Forbush of Maivita/Kiveya

He left a billion dollar nutrition company with a revelation: “I can do better”. Brad wanted to sell truly healthy foods that were made via a healthy process. An online marketing whiz, Brad helps companies sell online through Amazon and other channels. He also has his own brand: Maivita. Brad takes us to school: The key […]

Episode 62 – Solving Problems and Growing Stronger: Mark Haidet of Orderly

“I look at my losses as great lessons and they take the place of the MBA I never got.” What most stands out to me about Mark is his evolution as an entrepreneur. Starting as a teenager many years ago, Mark keeps learning and growing. Without a doubt, he has taken his punches (like all of […]

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