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The Colombian Peace Process and Fruit Exports

I wrote an op-ed story on the peace deal between the FARC guerrillas and the Colombian state: Check it out here:

NOMIKU Wins Big on Shark Tank

12/23/16: A guest on the podcast and super entrepreneur Lisa Q of Nomiku  secured a $250,000 investment for 5% of her company. The investor is legendary Silicon Valley VC Chris Sacca, who has invested in top startups including Uber, Twitter, Instagram, and Kickstarter. Check out my interview with Lisa: How to Crush Kickstarter and Business

October Update (10/1)

FSP Listeners, After a 2 week hiatus for trade shows, we return to our regular schedule next week. Here is what we have on tap: 10/8: 17 year old founder of a nationwide Maple Syrup company: Joshua Parker of ParkerMaple. 10/15: Talking global agriculture with legendary investor Jim Rogers “Be very worried and buy agriculture”. […]

Coming soon: First 2015 Episode – Thursday 3/26

Our first interview will be next week with the author of Packed: The Food Entrepreneur’s Guide, Tessa Stuart. We will have more guests who were successful food industry practitioners first and author’s second. Thanks for your patience.

To a Great 2015

Happy new years! We are getting our show together for 2015. We will be back soon. Please signup for our mailing list, FB, or Twitter to be notified when we are back live. Any press inquiries message us on FB. Thanks!

Oranges – A First (and Former) Superfood

A Fruit for Gods and Kings In ancient times, oranges weren’t even called oranges. The traveling king and military Alexander the Great named them apples. The two reported names were “Median Apple” and “Persian Apple”. It was the fruit of emperors and kings. Orange groves were considered paradise Louis XIV had his own: “His orangerie at Versailles was […]

All Gluten is NOT Created Equal – Nutrition Spotlight

One of the hottest trends in nutrition is getting rid of gluten in your diet. A growing part of the American population allegedly has a “sensitivity” to gluten, a protein found in rye and wheat. There are a lot of theories, but there is plenty of contradiction in the nutrition community. Some believe that it is […]

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