Incredible journeys that shape the present & future of food & beverage industry

Episode 176 – Mental Health Roundtable with Jeremy Smith, Mark Samuel & Hugh Thomas

In this episode we trigger up some thoughts from three serial entrepreneurs who share their close encounter with it, how they crossed over to the other side and some daily best practices that keep your heart and mind healthy. A huge thank you to our guests on the show: Jeremy Smith – CEO of Launchpad […]

Episode 175 – Position Your Business and Investor Relationship For Success

Tom Spier is the Founder and Managing Partner of Boulder Food Group(BFG), a venture capital firm that seeks partnerships with early stage food and beverage consumer product companies. Tom previously co-founded EVOL Foods and was the COO of Bear Naked Granola. Under Tom’s management, both businesses were successfully sold to public companies. In addition to […]

Episode 174 – Zero to Thirteen Hundred Stores in Eight Months – Jessica Levison of Peekaboo Ice Cream

Jessica Levison is the founder and CEO of Peekaboo Ice Cream. In her search to get veggies into her three toddlers, this lawyer turned Ice Cream Confectionist started infusing vegetables in ice cream and ended up starting a successful ice cream brand called Peekaboo Ice Cream. In this episode, Jessica talks about how she used […]

Episode 173 – How Collaboration Can Catapult a Brand’s Success – Francisco Pavan of Kumana

FSP listeners, I am so excited to bring this episode to you as a co-hosted episode with none other than Jeremy Smith, an expert voice, well regarded in Consumer Packaged Goods. To top that off, this interview features Francisco Pavan, the Co-Founder of Kumana, a company that makes Avocado Sauces inspired by Venezuelan cuisine. After traveling […]

Episode 172 – Kenneth Park on Turning a Home Remedy to a Successful Beverage Brand

Kenneth Park is the founder and CEO of Detoxwater, an Aloe Vera water brand that started as a home remedy that his mom used for digestive problems and other illnesses. Ken eventually introduced Aloe water to the market, originally branded as Superleaf Aloe Juice, selling from his dorm room and later on becoming a household […]

Episode 170 – How to Make Your Product an Amazon Best Seller and More, with Katie Jesionowski

Katie Jesionowski is Co-Founder of MySuperFoods, a company that makes superfoods for kids. With three product lines distributed nationally via natural food channels, traditional grocery, food service, schools and export as well as online, they are a snack brand on the rise. Katie shares her journey, the impact of a good business partner, and how […]

Episode 169 – The Technique of Self Distribution and Building Strong Relationships with Buyers

Sadie Scheffer is the founder and CEO of Bread Srsly, a wholesale sourdough bread company. After Sadie dropped out from MIT, she started her own business making and distributing glutten-free treats. All of their bread rises for more than 12 hours, breaking down hard-to-digest grains and Plus, Bread SRSLY gluten-free sourdough contains a host of […]

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