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Written by Hema Reddy / August 22nd, 2014

In spite of the risk of contamination via poisonous resin, the cashew nut has been a popular commodity worldwide. But did you know that there is a fruit attached to the nut? A business established by the Clinton Foundation is working with Pepsi to turn the cashew fruit into a beverage in India. Covered in the show:

  • History of the cashew in South America, Africa, and India
  • Why the cashew fruit has been left as waste
  • Is it better suited as a domestic product (farmed, produced and sold in the same country)?
  • The health benefits of the cashew fruit
  • Can it become the “next” superfood?

Note : In the episode, we use “cashew fruit” and “cashew apple”. They are the same (see those green and red things in the photo above?)