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As most listeners know, I work in international agriculture. My company ships exotic produce from Colombia to the United States.

My other area of interest is in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Combining my interests of blockchain with food and agro, I  have come across a lot of cool innovation!

From firsthand experience, I can safely say that the food/ag industry could benefit from blockchain.

But it is going to take some time. When it comes to international trade, when it comes to payments and documentation, I am not sure how high the awareness level for the amount of red tape that must be overcome, entities convinced.

I also interviewed Agridigital, which can be listened to here.

Below are links to blockchain food startups and articles about the blockchain and food. Will be continually updated as I find them. Links that go to a startup will have an * next to them.

Last updated: 01/22/2018