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Written by Hema Reddy / July 16th, 2015

Delicious home-brewed craft beers are almost never shared with a wide audience. This is mostly due to legal and production capacity limitations. Noble Brewer Beer is changing that, connecting amateurs with professional breweries on a national scale*.

They buy the beer that is produced and sell it to its subscribers via a delivery service. FSP Listeners, this is one of our best shows to date. Claude Burns takes us behind the scenes of his company:

  • How he went from the Navy to a beer startup in Oakland
  • Why they are creating the Etsy of beer
  • What the experience of a homebrewer is like (it’s a homebrewer’s dream to be featured @ Noble)
  • The legal/logistical wrinkles of their business
  • Online marketing tips for food delivery startups
  • The importance of winning awards in the beer/wine/liquor industry

*Unfortunately, it’s not legal in certain U.S. states at the time of publication.