Incredible journeys that shape the present & future of food & beverage industry

Short Version: When food entrepreneurs tell their story, it produces two gifts:

1. Inspiration
2. Wisdom

Listen to our show to gain psychological strength and sharpen your skills.

Longer Version: If you are a food startup, the chips are stacked against you. It is expensive and complicated. It can be stressful. Many ups + downs.

The food business, unlike the tech world, is not so “user-friendly” for startups. Finding packaging, getting in front of Whole Foods buyers, figuring out what paperwork is required for import/export, how to start, how to scale, etc..

We want to help you share your project with the world and turn it into a sustainable business. You are not alone. Every week, we deliver a new show with a guest that could be in the beginning stage of a startup, a food author/advisor, or head of a 8/9 figure revenue company.

Take a look at our podcasts. To start you may like our interview with Seth Goldman of Honest Tea, acquired by Coca Cola and in over 100,000 outlets in the United States.

Or check out the Timeless Art of Social Dynamics, our talk with Back to the Roots or Life Lessons from Bob of Bob’s Red Mill. Don’t be shy: contact us and tell us what you want to get out of the show. We’d love to hear what projects you have going on.

The Team

Hema Reddy (Producer + Host)

Hema Reddy is the founder & CEO of Crafty Counter, a packaged food products company, and the creator of Wundernuggets®. She also advises startups and small businesses on digital marketing strategy and execution plans. She is the proud mama of two and wife to a M wolverine. When she is not running a business or podcasting, she loves to sing and cook.

Jester Fuentes (Sound Engineer)

Jester Fuentes loves media – audio, video, sound and the magic they all create. He makes the podcasts come to life with his sharp editing. When he is not doing any of this, loves to go on a hike or swim.