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Written by Hema Reddy / November 24th, 2014

Richard Demb’s career started in investment banking. He switched to tech/ecommerce, and later on, a popcorn company. Leveraging these experiences, he co-founded an online marketplace, Abe’s Market. They were recently named by Forbes as one of “The 25 Most Creative Consumer And Retail Brands”. Richard tells us about:

  • Why Richard co-founded Abe’s Market
  • Key criteria for getting your brand approved for Abe’s Market
  • Reasons to buy on Abe’s instead of the all-powerful Amazon
  • Advice for getting distribution
  • How they have managed and evolved the daunting task of logistics
  • “Guys, there are no secrets in retail”
  • Why “Free Shipping” is better than “$5 off”
  • Courting retail buyers
  • Keys to driving traffic to your website
  • Success stories of startups that have started on Abe’s